About us

So, you want to know a little bit more about ROUT? Cool.

ROUT is a company that makes great products (backpacks, bags, wallets, writing pads and other cool stuff). Come to think of it, we make stuff to hold your stuff.

We are committed to selling our products at a really, really good price. We aren’t into bargain basement pricing, but we do believe in selling our products at a fair price. Sometimes below fair. So, we’ll always let you know what the “Street Price” is of a ROUT product (based on comparable material and craftsmanship), and then we’ll tell you Our Price. And in case you studied economics in college and really care how we manage to do this, it's actually pretty simple. We don't sell through any retailer or e-tailer middlemen. 100% of our sales are direct to you. So the other guy's would-be profit margin is saved, and the savings go to you.


The product we make is exceptionally well made. Make no mistake about that. From our packs to our wallets, we use the finest raw materials and trust only the best craftsmen to make it for us. You won’t be disappointed.

The creative team behind ROUT calls Southern California its home. We’ve been designing and manufacturing products like what you’ll see at for a long time. All told, the ROUT team has nearly fifty years of experience making rock solid products.

Still curious? Hit our FAQ page, or better yet, drop us a line at

Oh, and thanks for reading. It means a lot to us.